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About Us

We Are The Largest And Fastest Full Flashing / Unlocking And Repair Company In The Valley

We Full Flash Verizon, Sprint, Alltel To Cricket Wireless With 

Everything Working All Androids $40 For Flash (Service Not Included) & $50 For iPhones.

For Android Phones We Also Do Full Unlocking Of All At&T Phone And T-Mobile Phone For Use On Simple Mobile $50 4G Plan Unlimited Everything And iPhones..(T-Mobile And Mvno’s Of T-Mobile Now Get 3G/4G On All AT&T Unlocked Phones) Any Questions Call Or Schedule an Appointment.

Also We Have Wireless Broadband Internet And Home Phone Service $50 A Month For 4G Home Internet 3-6 Meg Download Speeds And Home Come Check Out A Selection Of Custom Flashed Phones And A Full Line Of Cricket Phones/Boost

We Can Pretty Much Activate Any Phone You Bring Us, No Problem We Are The Valleys Largest Full Flashing And Unlocking Company Around We Do Work For All Companies , Mm Wireless, Absolute Wireless, Mr.Fone And Many More So Come To The Source Not The Middle Man.. Fastest Flash In Town Reg.Phones 2 Min Full Flash Moto Droid 5 Min Full Flash HTC Evo 2 To 5 Min Full Flash No One Can Beat Me!! We Also Do A Full Cell Phone Repair So Come On Down Today……

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CALL: (209)653-4991



TEXT: (209)312-4560